Our founder and president, Dr Kelvin Kasumba, is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist and is well acquainted with the sanitation requirements and standards for biotech and medical facilities. Having served various laboratories and hospitals for over 20 years, he has been able leverage his wealth of knowledge by incorporating appropriate scientific principles, CDC, OSHA, AORN and Green cleaning according to LEED standards in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). As we say at Calvin Clean, “we understand the Chemistry of Cleaning.”

Our process is designed to eliminate pathological micro-organisms that cause infections and odors, such as viruses and bacteria, and the vectors that carry them (mosquitoes, bedbugs, cockroaches, flies). To avoid spreading germs within your facility, our process separates cleaning material and equipment for restrooms, kitchens, and patient rooms. This strategy has been proven to be effective and supportive of our clients’ Infection Control Programs.

Our staff are trained to consider any laboratory or medical facility as a potentially  contaminated environment and use universal precautions such as gloves and face masks to prevent self infection and spreading of contaminants.

In the reception area, dust all surfaces including coffee tables, decorative plants and wall paintings. Arrange magazines and newspapers neatly or place them in the appropriate receptacles.

In the patient rooms, change all beddings, including linens, blankets, gowns and towels when a patient is discharged or transferred to a new room.

Empty all trash cans and replace the liners. Wipe and disinfect each trash can.

Remove all used devices from the patients’ room and place them in a designated area for cleaning and sterilization.

Sanitize telephones

Wipe all patient tables, bed rails, chairs, window sills and door knobs using microfiber towels moistened with antiseptic cleaner.

Pick up and disinfect all toys in the doctor’s office and place them in designated locations.

Clean carpets and rugs. Our low moisture extraction methods allow the carpets to dry within 2 hours.

Vacuum all surfaces using commercial vacuums with HEPA filters that capture allergens, dust and dust mites.

Mop all floors and disinfect as them as necessary.

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Our founder and president, Dr Kelvin Kasumba, is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist and is well acquainted with the sanitation requirements and standards for biotech and medical facilities...

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