Calvin Clean has become a household name in southern California where we maintain the elegance of the corporate offices of high profile firms by meeting or exceeding their ever-increasing demands and standards consistently. Our strategic approach is based on a tested and proven lean system that reflects our appreciation of the importance of creating meaningful metrics that give insight into how our processes perform over time. Our office cleaning procedures include the following tasks:

Empty all trash cans and replace liners

Dust conference tables, reception counters, office desks, cubicles, book shelves and window sills.

Sanitize telephones

Dust and disinfect the usually contaminated areas such as door knobs, door-bell and elevator buttons, light switches and security consoles.

Vacuum all floors including staircases, rugs and mats

Mop all hard surfaces and polish as required

Clean and disinfect restrooms (toilet bowls, urinals, floors), paying particular attention to paper towel, hand-soap dispensers and mirrors.

Cleaning window cleaning using non-ammonia steak-free formulations.

Carpet Cleaning using low moisture extraction and encapsulation technique that make complete drying possible within 2 hours.

Our founder and president, Dr Kelvin Kasumba, is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist and is well acquainted with the sanitation requirements and standards for biotech and medical facilities...

Biotech & Medical

If you are looking for a reliable company to clean your gym, don’t sweat it! Calvin Clean will get rid of the sweat, body odors and germs that may be lurking at your gym or fitness center...

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Calvin Clean has become a household name in San Diego by maintaining the elegance of corporate offices by meeting or exceeding their ever-increasing demands and standards consistently.

Business Offices

At Calvin Clean, our auditorium cleaning technology is evolving rapidly to match the requirements for handling new upholstery materials, sound equipment, and screens.

Church & Movie Theaters

Banking facilities are expected to be spotless clean, neat, and sanitary - simply immaculate - by design. At Calvin Clean we know the standards because we set them.

Financial Institutions

Calvin Clean has the expertise to help you meet the health and sanitation requirements for compliance with state and local laws. Maintain the “A” grade for your diner, contact Calvin Clean today!


A tidy store with well polished floors has an implied reflection on the quality of the merchandise in it and imparts the feeling of being in the right place to the customer.

Retail Stores

Common surfaces in schools and daycare centers are touched by hundreds of hands on a daily basis and present the perfect recipe for the spread of germs, especially during the flu season...

Schools & Daycare