Auditorium cleaning technology is evolving rapidly to match the requirements for handling new upholstery materials, sound equipment, and screens. Modern church facilities are just as sophisticated as movie theaters, with state of the art sound equipment, and the patrons are just as messy and require the application of complex sanitation procedures.

At Calvin Clean we pay special attention to the type of upholstery fabric to determine the appropriate cleaning technology to be applied. Dry steaming effectively dissolves and clears mildew and mold, chewing gum, candy, soda stains and candy. For heat sensitive fabrics, shampooing with low moisture extraction equipment does the magic.
Floor Cleaning
Auditorium floors are prone to food stains and dust tracked in by the foot traffic and often require spot cleaning

Screen Cleaning
The optical surface of auditorium screens requires special cleaning procedures to remove dust particles. Calvin Clean pays special attention to the screen type - High Gain, Silver, or Vinyl - to determine the most effective and safest procedure to use to improve image quality and sustain the durability of the screen.
Restroom cleaning.
Church facility and movie theater restrooms are use heavily, particularly on weekends. It is imperative for an experienced crew to be on site to keep checking the floors, urinals and toilet seats, and cleaning up on the spot. Emergency cleaning up of vomit and food spills should always have high priority. Calvin Clean provides a day porter service to clean up as needed, during and between services and shows.
Auditorium carpets require a higher frequency of cleaning than most buildings due to the high rate of foot traffic that they have to endure. Shoes also grind the dust and food stains harder and deeper into the carpet fabric. Calvin Clean crews are well trained to recognize
unique challenges, and equipped to handle them expertly.
Wall Dusting
We remove combustible dust that tends to accumulate on the walls over time. The architectural configuration and type of wall surface is always taken into consideration in determining the appropriate operational procedure to be applied during the cleaning process to maintain structural integrity and wall lustre.

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At Calvin Clean, our auditorium cleaning technology is evolving rapidly to match the requirements for handling new upholstery materials, sound equipment, and screens.

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